Simple Pleasures


I was walking through my local grocery store the other day, and was struck by this packaging for Downy Simple Pleasures' new Radiance line. I just had to pick it up. The structure obviously alludes to the product usage, but it is done in an appealing way with a strong shelf impact. The color palette, and slight metallic finish, are equally appealing to the eye, in an aisle that is usually awash with bright, bold colors and messages. The structure does most of the work here, allowing the graphics to be more subtle and understated.

According to

The elements of fragrance, fabric, and fashion are uniquely intertwined
in a new line of “fabric enhancers”: the Downy Simple Pleasures
Radiance Collection from Procter & Gamble in a PET bottle
luxuriously finished with metallic color for a cosmetic appeal....

...To communicate a sense of pampered luxury for the Radiance product,
P&G design managers and packaging experts worked from an existing
bottle design used for the company’s Simple Pleasures fabric softener
brand and evolved the container to convey a more updated, modern feel.
The bottle, injection/stretch blow molded by a proprietary supplier,
includes a rippling swath that encircles the body and neck, creating a
silken fabric effect. Metallic bottle finishes of lavender, teal, and
rose distinguish the three varieties, which are each capped with a
two-piece metallic-gold, screw-on polypropylene pour-spout and
dispensing cap.

Bottle decoration, applied via clear,
heat-transfer labels from a proprietary supplier, includes abstract
design elements resembling henna tattoo artwork that “create intrigue
and invite consumers to experience the amazing breadth of scents.