Domaine de Canton

"At the forefront of the Euro-Asian flavor embrace, ginger has emerged as one of the world’s most important ingredients, with U.S. consumption increasing over 250% the past 20 years alone. Cocktails and culinary dishes made with fresh ginger as a key ingredient have gained popularity as consumers continue to seek out exotic and authentic flavors. Up until now, there has been no liqueur brand with a ginger taste profile on the market. Today, Maurice Cooper et Cie announces the U.S. arrival of Domaine de Canton, Indochine Française, the world’s first super-premium ginger liqueur, hand crafted from an infusion of Cognac with rare baby ginger."

"A striking bottle has been created for Domaine de Canton, as unique as the liqueur itself. French elegance and Asian mysticism merge in the form of a classic pagoda shape and rendered in satiny glass. East meets West in packaging that is different from anything else on the market, and yet very approachable."

Beautiful! I love the shape of the bottle. Extremely unique.

The packaging was designed by John Cooper, the founder of Domaine de Canton.Hiresbottle