Pure Collection


I love this packaging by Good Creative (UK). They were charged with creating a cohesive new look for this leading cashmere retailer. Much of the work was done for clothing labels and gift boxes, but I think the look has translated very well to this Cashmere Wash. There's something so striking about the bright stripes on the richly colored background. And having the logo pop with a hit of gloss is a great solution for keeping a clean, "pure" label. 

From the Good Creative Website:

Pure Collection is the UK’s leading online cashmere retailer. The owners of the business are immensely passionate about every detail and we took the same care and approach to their brand.

At the heart of it all, we combined the two halves of the company. English heritage and reserve, from their home in Harrogate, combined with the colour and passion of Mongolia, where they gather and manufacture the finest of cashmere. A line from the brief, ‘Elegance With A Twist’, gave us our vision for the brand and we created a series of Mongolian influenced ribbons to complement the dark browns and greens of a quintessential England, to form the backbone of the brand and all its deliverables.