Windset Farms


I'm guessing most people don't think of beautifully packaged produce, because we're all so used to the piles we see in grocery stores and markets. That's why these colorful shippers by Windset Farms caught my eye.

Apparently I'm not the only one:

The Packaging Association of Canada (PAC) announces that Windset Farms wins Gold for best overall Brand Packaging. This is a tremendous honor for Windset Farms, and consumers have responded very positively to the new brand, a direction that is not traditionally seen within the produce sector.

With its strong and clear communication, Windset Farms produce continues to market extremely well, and retailers have been very enthusiastic about showcasing the innovative new packaging.

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You can also see how nicely this design "stacks up."


Graphic Design by Kinky Logic Inc
Structural Design by Crown Creative Group