This line of beauty care products caught my eye in Package Design Magazine's 2007 Awards issue. I love the upbeat color palette, which easily differentiates the scents, as well as the elegant textures (both printed and die-cut) which hold the line together across the various products. I find this design to be very premium and yet approachable at the same time.


According to their Web site, Lavanila Laboratories offers these "natural products at the forefront of innovation in technology, actives, and formulation." They feature "alluring scents, luxurious product textures, and engaging packaging that soothe the soul and enhance what you love about the beauty experience."






Update: The line was designed in-house, led by co-founder and creative director Laura DiGirolamo. The design was initially inspired by the gallery paintings of Lane Twitchell. (Thank you, Laura, for clarifying!)

The Utah Paper Box Company printed the intricate boxes.

This package with intricate die-cuts uses laser technology and specialty coatings to achieve its strong shelf impact. Three PMS colors with specialty intrigue coating give the essence of each fragrance, and the laser cut sleeve draws consumers attention to the elegant foil stamp that reveals the brand name. The internal filler is also made out of micro flute.