Brand Spotlight: Joya

Joya is a boutique home fragrance brand based in New York City. The line was founded by a young Yale grad, Frederick Bouchardy, 4 years ago. He continues to creative direct and works with local designers and close friends.

Joya focuses on fusing natural materials, stylish and unexpected fragrance blends, and innovative package design. There are numerous collections within the Joya brand-intended to cater to different audiences-but the common link is attention to detail and clean, appealing, functional design intended to enhance the experience of opening the product.

Earlier collections were designed in house (by Bouchardy and design partner, Julia Kots, who have since managed other design projects under the name Felis Rufus Design.


The Joya Original collection utilizes an unusual, all-natural tropical palm oil wax and is the first scented candle to be offered at the MoMA Design Stores. The Joya Original gift box features a 2 piece folding carton held in place by an elastic cord. This box was designed with Susan Scior, who also did industrial design on Joya's Plume box, which opens from both sides and features a rigid e-flute tray inside.


This tray keeps the sensuous, curved, acid-etched and screenprinted candle within safe-and it bears a spot pms color representing the fragrance blend and romantic copy describing the scent origins.


Joya's Luscious collection features packaging once again by Felis Rufus Design. The lace print, which adorns the outer packaging for the assorted mini-votive gift set (matchbox style) and tumbler and is screenprinted onto the tumbler glass, was created by hand by Ms. Kots. The Joya PM collection uses vintage textile prints, reinvented by Design Studio 21 in New York City, to decorate the oversized glass container and matching, tonal gift box.


Perfume in Porcelain, Joya's newest collection, which launched at Barneys in December 2007 and has since been making its way to exclusive apothecaries and specialty stores worldwide, represents a collaboration between Bouchardy and longtime friend, Sarah Cihat, a Brooklyn-based ceramic artist best known for her line of Rehabilitated Dishware. Perfume in Porcelain features 6 unusual fragrance blends (including Himalayan Goji Berry and Gunpowder Green Tea) in original, faceted porcelain containers. 3 are in white with gray motifs fired on by hand, and 3 are black porcelain with black motifs. The motifs, including a moth, octopus, dandelion, peacock, and skull with swords, each represent a specific scent. Bouchardy and Cihat collaborated on each aspect of the project-fragrance, secondary package (porcelain) design, outer packaging (distinctive rigid boxes with striking modern gothic illustrations in relief). These pieces are offered as scented candles or fragrance diffuser sets, and each piece is unique.


Joya has also produced collections in partnership with Opening Ceremony, Rodarte, and Baxter of California. Bouchardy has unique line extensions up his sleeve for next spring and additional partnerships slated to launch for holiday 2008.