Lazy Days Tea Co


Lazy Days Tea Co is a new packaging and branding identity designed by Baer Design Group. Designers: Todd Baer, Dave Seidler, Copywriter: Melissa Lane.

"With an armful of crazy tea blends and a vision to be "The Ben & Jerry's of Tea," Lazy Days Tea Company approached us to create their brand.

After listening carefully to exactly how they wanted to stand apart from other teas, we created a full-package brand-identity that illuminated their vision.

We designed the logo, packaging and support materials with a fresh, hip, and irreverent aesthetic. We created copy to match: flavor names that dodged the stuffy, old "Quietly Chamomile" standards and an intelligent, conversational tone to all the copy.

Lazy Day Tea Company
( wanted to hit the market with attitude, sass and a message that tea did not have to adhere to the boring mainstays of its peers - and that's exactly what we equipped them with."