The new HP Voodoo Envy 133 is set to hit the market. After years of hearing about Apple's packaging being second-to-none (beautiful, intuitive, gift-like, experiential, etc, etc.), we might actually have found an equal. From The Next Bench website (official Voodoo community):

Our packaging expert Allison worked with our ID folks to design the Envy 133 presentation box to look somewhat like a tiffany box. It lifts up like a hat box to reveal a wonderful presentation, including the Envy 133 wrapped in a microfiber polish sleeve.

I just love the presentation of it all – the slip cover case, the "fashion" tags, the notch in the box to aid removal, and the gray and orange color scheme. All very well thought out and executed. It really makes the opening experience a bit more special.

[Photos by Michael Soo from Soo Photography.]