Sivaris is a brand of rice from Spain. The packaging  was designed by Pepe Gimeno of Spain.

In their words, here is a description of the design objective:

"The brief for the packaging for SIVARIS was twofold: to raise products
awareness and profile, and to do so with a considerable economy of
means. To achieve these goals, we based the graphic design exclusively
on typography and color to distinguish the different varieties of rice.
The packs are made with tubes and lids already existing in the
marketplace, while the graphics are laser printed on kraft paper labels
which are then adhered to the tube."

Personally, I consider this a great design for a few reasons. The tube shape of the package differentiates the line from the category, where rice is usually sold in rectangular boxes or bags. The natural kraft paper with bold color-coded words reinforces the product's natural origins and prevents consumer confusion. The total product aesthetic also manages to do an excellent job of looking like a high-quality gourmet product without expending a lot of packaging cost.

(via Brandonblog)