KOR One water vessel


Resulting from one man's frustration with reusable water bottles, this is a solution that may curb nonchalant water purchases while on the go. Water is obviously something that people need (as opposed to merely want) to consume, and out of the home, the ubiquitous bottles pile up in the trash cans on the streets. The other choice is the Nalgene, but I have always dismissed these as a clunky, ugly solution.

In steps KOR, with a considered, well-designed solution. KOR realized that although people are willing to use a reusable bottle, they are more likely to do so if it doesn't look like hell (hello Nalgene). On top of this, functionality in the bottle is key; you can drink with one hand due to the hinged snap cap, it has a wide mouth so that you can put in ice cubes and refill it easily and the oval shape fits perfectly in the hand. There's also a good balance between branding and letting the structure of the package shine.

KOR used Eastman (who also did Y Water and POM Wonderful) and the structure was designed by RKS Design.