SU Suncare System for Hair by Davines.

A collection of hair care products designed to meet the specific needs of hair exposed to sun, seawater and chlorine.

The line is known for simple, clean, and tactile packaging with a soft pastel color pallet, and of course the origin: Parma, Italy

The 250 ml. bottle is made of a VERY low density, thin wall polyethylene plastic, allowing you to squeeze it like a racquetball. The company is Earth friendly, using food quality containers, in hopes that you will wash it clean and re-use it again. Additionally many of the bottles and jars are made with about 50% less plastic than traditional packaging, reducing the negative environmental impact.

The orange color scheme is an obvious choice for a sun care line, and the addition of a wallpaper circle pattern on the background of the labels defines a clear difference from the traditional stark white square block used on the core hair care line.