iota paper products


I'm a sucker for patterns. I visit stationery and fabric stores for color and pattern inspiration, and spend hours getting lost in the shelves. So, when a friend sent me a link for iota paper products, I was smitten.

Iota is a colorful stationery company, that is eco-friendly (using recycled content), and affordable. Iota means "a very small amount or thing, a jot, a whit." The company believes that little things can make a big difference. Iota sells a range of items, including gift wrap, notebooks, stationery and greeting cards.

I love that the packaging design is simple, and allows the product to be the focus. The labels clearly state what the product is, in a simple grid that works well. It's so hard to design a label that works with any number of colors and patterns, but I think this is a good solution.

For the designers in the crowd, they have a great resource for some color inspiration. Click on "colour palettes" link to view some exciting color combinations. Click here to explore the website. More pix after the jump...