Patricia Field


Sex and the City, the movie, opens nation-wide in just 1 week. (Finally!) For some unknown reason, it was released in London first. To go along with the London-launch, Patricia Field (fashion genius behind the show) designed 4 limited-edition bottles of Diet Coke to be sold exclusively in Selfridges.

From the Selfridges website:

"The limited-edition ‘diet Coke’ City Collection reflects Patricia Field’s renowned urban and edgy style, and brings to life ‘diet Coke’s’ aspirational brand heritage.

Patricia Field explains: “The ‘diet Coke’ City Collection  captures
today's modern women, confidant, glamorous, sexy and more in charge of
their own lives, and represents the areas of life that are most
important to them such as: ‘career’, ‘passion’, ‘love’ and ‘fashion’.
In addition the designs represent ‘diet Coke’ as a sexy, sassy brand perfectly compatible with today's woman.

The gold bottle represents 'Career', the red bottle 'Passion', the pink bottle 'Love', and the turquoise bottle 'Fashion'."

That seems to sum it all up beautifully.

[Note: these illustrations come from Patricia's "House of Field" designer line. If you watch the movie, you'll spot a bag used by Carrie, with a similar look.]