Nestea Gets a Makeover


Nestea is a well-established 50 year old brand of iced tea owned by Coca Cola. Since it's rarely a good idea to mess with a very recognized brand, it's understandable that the new Nestea makeover wouldn't be very dramatic. Still, the subtle adjustments of a slimmer straight-walled bottle and updated graphics help distinguish the product better from the carbonated beverages these are sold alongside of. It also feels more refined - especially due to the new bottle shape. I've been noticing slimmer cylindrical shapes to be more popular lately.

I'd have to see the new bottle in refrigerator cases to get a better feel for how well the product is differentiated from sodas. From the picture above it's sort of hard to tell how big a deal this redesign really is.

Read more about the redesign here.

If you're aware of the branding/design agency who handled the redesign, please comment.

To see the old bottle shape/design, continue reading.