Method Omop's New Packaging


Made specifically for Method from a combination of paper and bamboo
the new brown packaging has an attractive unfinished quality to it -
totally unique next to other products packaged in clear clamshells with
bright labeling. 

The packaging has a minimal quality to it that alone provides it a
creative advantage - you want to look at the packaging, touch it and
find out what is in it.

The packaging is both compostable and recyclable (mixed paper) and its creation has an interesting story behind it.

The idea for the new design came out of a "Design Safari" a regular
creative departure held internally among Method staff.  At the safaris
staff members share examples of packaging or creative design they like
and discuss it with their colleagues.

The new Omop starter kit packaging is compartmentalized.  Everything
has its own place in a logical easy to open format (unlike many


The Omop starter kit and microfiber accessory packaging are both
made from the new paper/bamboo packaging  designed in-house by Method's
design team.

The new packaging replaces the clamshell style packaging the product
used before and began appearing in stores across the country last

The packaging won the Institute of Packaging Professionals’ (IoPP) AmeriStar award. 

The newly designed packaging is available for both versions of the Omop and microfiber pads.

Sustainable is Good