Mille Miel


Simple, yet pretty and effective label design for Mille Miel honey from France. Some practical and smart ideas that I noticed were:

  • Each jar has a different label color in a distinct, fresh shade - this helps consumers pick out the one they want easier - they also merchandise beautifully together on a shelf.
  • The layout is very simple and easy to read.
  • The black lid adds a bit of elegance, which was tied into the labels with black print.
  • The more unique jar makes up for the spare (and slightly generic) look of the label design.
  • The 2-color print job is very cost effective. A good designer should always try to look for ways their client can reduce cost without sacrificing quality.
  • The one-label design incorporates the tamper-evidence seal which is cheaper to produce than a separate seal and less time/cost required for hand application. The seal also gives the jar a more gourmet look.

All pretty basic points, but these practical considerations are the kinds of things behind successful packaging.

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