Before Grain Dog & Cat Food


"There are 3 of us here in this small Dallas shop we call 29 Agency (
We got our start in the pet food industry, with mostly high-end
boutique foods. We were first to not use animals on the packaging and
start the trend towards the humanization of pets with a brand called Merrick Five Star (

So when we got a chance to design a new 44 sku line of high-protein, grain
free food – there were no rules. Creative Director, Tyler Merrick,
wanted to represent a traditional food pyramid being flipped upside
down with the phrase “New School Pyramid, Old School Nutrition™.” The
food itself is based on the days before grain was used in commercial pet food manufacturing, so with that in mind, Before Grain™ was born (
These foods use premium ingredients not found in most pet food, like
acai berries, and we used these ingredients to build the rest of the
design. The zippered pouches and bags are printed in a matte finish,
with the dog foods packaged in black, and the cat foods in white.

The brand launched last month and should be on shelves in small pet
stores near you. Sales thus far have exceeded anyone’s expectations." Simply spectacular. More pics after the jump!