Honest Tea by Moxie™


Honest Tea just unveiled today a redesigned line-up of their teas in PET
plastic bottles with a fresh new look hitting the streets across the

"To communicate the health and taste benefits to a wider audience,
Honest Tea turned to Moxie TM, Inc., a New York-based brand design and
development firm. "Because we wanted to distinguish the brand from the
sea of color that appears in this category, we started with a clean
white canvas," explained Tammy Vaserstein, Creative, Principal, Moxie
TM. "In addition, white has the most impact on shelf within this
category while communicating freshness and simplicity, whereas too much
color says 'artificial' rather than 'organic', and a sliding bar
graphic serves as a visual icon helping consumers understand how much
EGCG is in each variety," she added."

"According to Moxie TM, the brand's existing equities were identified as
the black border around the label incorporating the Honest Tea
brandmark and the signature 'T.' "The black border creates an anchor
across all of Honest Tea's product lines and we used the white area
within the black frame as a clean palette where we could tell their
story in a modern and fresh way," said Vaserstein. Clean and simple
typography matches the brand's promise, and luscious fruit
illustrations within each 'T' add to the fresh, organic appeal while
standing out against the white background."