Recovering a Corrupt AI File


Have you ever worked on a design in Adobe Illustrator only to try

opening it later and discover it's corrupt? Hours of work go down the

drain, yet there is a ray of hope to crack open that file once again.

This will work in Adobe Illustrator 10 and up (but try it in older versions - it may also work.)

Requires Acrobat (not just the Reader).

Works on (and was tested in) Illustrator version 10 and all CS versions.

>Open the corrupt file in Acrobat.

>Take the arrow tool.

>Click on any element or text in the document.

>Just move the object by hitting one of the directional arrows on your keyboard.

>File, Save.

>Open the file in Illustrator.

>It will say 'this file has been modified outside of Illustrator' or

something to that effect. it will ask if you want to keep changes.

>Say 'Yes' (or OK)

Your file will open virtually intact!

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