Method Le Scrub & Lil' Bowl Blu


San Francisco-based Method's
two latest products are arriving in stores across the country this
month.  Le Scrub and Lil' Bowl Blu mark the company's entrance into
"deep cleaning" products and round out their line of bathroom products.

Featuring new distinctive packaging made from 25% recycled #2 HDPE
plastic the products stand out on store shelves thanks to some clever
and innovative design. 

The packaging was designed in house by Method's own design team and
features a soft blue color to match the products spa inspired
eucalyptus mint scent Method's Katie Molinari said. 

Le Scrub's packaging
was designed to be highly functional with the top of the bottle serving
as a storage place for the included microfiber cleaning pad.  Molinari
said the bottle was designed to eliminate the all the too familiar
problem of tossing a cleaning sponge under the sink after use and never
finding it again.

Lil' Bowl Blu is the company's first toilet bowl cleaner and was a
product that spent a significant amount of time in development.  The packaging design is
functional and yields a product designed to make cleaning the toilet as
much fun as possible.

Sustainable is Good