Blueprint Cleanse


Brooklyn-based Blue Print Cleanse have packaged their detox fruit blend drinks into stylishly simple plastic bottles with blue labels (of course). The Blue Print Cleanse is a actually a program - not a prepackaged product. The idea is to cleanse your body with super-powered healthy juice blends that help you detox. It's kind of a semi-fast, or juice diet. Here's an excerpt from CoolHunting:

"Blue Print Cleanse,
a Brooklyn-based juice company that specializes in fruit- and
vegetable-based detox programs, is revolutionizing the idea of juice
cleanses through ease of use and organization. Incorporating convenient
services such as home deliveries and utilizing 100% vegan, raw, mostly
organic and completely unprocessed fruits and vegetables, they use a
hydraulic press rather than your basic bladed juicer. This means seven
tons of pressure extracting every drop of goodness the fruits and
vegetables have to give, approximately three to five times the vitamins
and minerals than juices from other machines."