St+ark Naked


Packaging for a range of bodywear for Puma (side and front of boxes). Havent actually seen this in the flesh, but it's striking, simple and pretty edgy!. Designed by GBH in London, rationale after the break...

'The bodywear, called Starck Naked, is a figure hugging range which has transparent panels that reveal areas of flesh. The brief called for a packaging to communicate the unique concept behind the garments as well as the provocative, playful spirit of the range. In a saturated and predictable market, it was vital that the packaging leap out from the competition on shelf. The target audience were style conscious 25-40 year olds. The rationale was to show as little as possible whilst showing as much as possible. Get rid of the striking model silhouettes and perfect bulges inside their perfect products. Cut to the chase and show as much skin as is legal or decent.' -D&AD.