African Rain


The packaging for Rain created for living is sustainable by virtue of its being reusable.  Represented in the USA by Hendrien Dewhurst from Kimberly House, Rain’s products are handmade in Swellendam, South Africa. Originally begun as a job creation program, Rain has evolved into a profitable business that still adheres to its ethical principals of community support and sustainability. Hendrien, who is also from South Africa, was telling us how, as a child growing up on a farm, discarding a used, but still functional package was unheard of. Their hope is, that a consumer who receives a beautiful handcrafted package will want to find a new use for it when the product is used up.

Rain’s packaging is designed by its founder Bev Missing. The structural elements of their packaging include lots of nice tactile surprises. Hand woven bags and baskets. Wood and bone spoons used as clasps.


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