What Moxie!


This bold package practically jumps off the shelf. A limited edition Bare Escentuals set, 100% Pure Moxie is a collection of mineral makeup in energetic colors. It seems that Bare Escentuals is attempting to introduce a younger customer to their product line, with the arresting packaging and trendy colors of the product itself.

The quirky color palette and graphic imagery are a totally inspired direction for creating individuality in this market. The monochromatic, posterized image paired with the graphic background evokes a mod-70's feel, while the active color scheme makes these graphics relevant for today's consumer. Now, one might argue "But you can't see the make-up in action on her face?" — no instead you see how confident she is in her make-up. So confident you don't need to see it!

The only quibble I have with this design is which is the over arching brand: Bare Escentuals or bareMinerals? Upon further research, I am still unsure of the answer to that question. Both have similar emphasis on this particular package, however based on their website the educated guess is that Bare Essentials must be the main brand. If that was in some way more clear through the visual hierarchy of the packaging, that would be the one area for improvement … How can you build mind share for a brand when you don't take credit for the brand?

Either way this packaging confidently stands apart from it's competitors. It's got moxie!