Waitrose Cooks' Ingredients


This design has been around for a while, but it's one that is so well done on many levels. From the great typography and copy writing, to the simple design and pleasing color palette that highlights the product itself – it just works. I love how it plays on the actions involved in cooking... a pinch, a splash, a spritz. This style of typography is now being imitated by many companies.  But that is the sincerest form of flattery, ehh?

Designed by the wonderful Lewis Moberly, this line has won numerous awards, including the Design Business Association's Design Effectiveness Award. But the reward for the client is equally exciting. According to an article by the dba: "In the 10 months since launch, average weekly sales of the Cooks’
Ingredients range have been 43 per cent above target. Design
development costs were recouped in the revenue from three weeks’ sales
and profitability was achieved in 12 weeks."

That's a whole handful of praise.


Category: FoodBeth Nori