Glacia IceBox


Back in the day, a cask of wine typically signified something you wanted to avoid.  Swap the wine out for premium water, though, and you have every reason to run to the store and pick one of these puppies up.   Especially when it is the heart and soul of Glacia, an honouring company with an environmental focus.

So, check out Glacia’s IceBox – premium Norwegian Arctic Spring Water with a perfect pH of 7.5, excellent (super low) nitrate levels, and high mineral content.  Delicious, crisp and fresh, with ingenious packaging.

But why a box?  Because it’s compact, sturdy, easy-to-transport, retail-shelf friendly, stackable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-recycle.  It even features a ‘Press Tap Valve” that is airtight and leak proof, preventing contamination so that water stays fresh longer.  In other words, water flows out...but nothing goes in. 

The ultra-thin bladder requires the tiniest fraction of the plastic that it would take to make the equivalent 5 1L bottles and, along with the handle and the spout, is completely recyclable.  The box itself is biodegradable.  So, to one better all the people that are recycling their water bottles, now they can recycle LESS! 

Super convenient and practical, the five liter box stores well (counter, fridge, trunk, or cabin) and totes just the same, whether it be to your son’s soccer game, camping with friends in the woods, out sailing on the lake, or down to your bunker in preparation for the next end-of-the-world frenzy. 

If that isn’t enough, this same fabulous company is launching (this month) a non-GMO, corn-based plastic 1L bottle filled with the same tasty water that is completely biodegradable, including the label and cap.  Go Glacia!!!

Like their motto declares, ‘Good for you, Good for the planet!’