Luchador Wine



I came across Luchador
wine at my local liquor store and immediately wanted to buy it despite
my "no wine over ten dollars" rule.  This wine was a mere two dollars
over my limit, and when I got home and read this story online it made
me wish I had bought a bottle.

"Here's the real story about the origin of Luchador.  My longest
term employee ( a warehouse manager who has worked for me for ten
years, since he was twenty-one), came into my office and said, "My
friends and I usually drink beer whenever we watch the Lakers, but now
we're drinking wine. Why
don't you make a wine for us?" How do you want it? "Big." How much do
you want to pay?  "About $15.00 bucks." So I made it. Even though it
doesn't say it on the label, Luchador is a classic, regional Barossa
Shiraz. It's the baby brother of Chris Ringland CR.

For those of you who don't know, a Luchador (think
matador, one who fights bulls) is a wrestler in Mexico. I'm not sure
what inspired me to put a Luchador on a Barossa Valley Australian
Shiraz label, but I did. I love it. The label is designed by a very
cool team of designers called Morning Breath, who are well known for
their CD design for artists like Stone Roses, Eminem, and Jay-Z.  As it
says on the label, "This wine will body-slam your tongue."

A Mexican friend of mine took a bottle to a family
party of about 200 in East Los Angeles and someone commented, "I've
never seen a wine with Hispanic appeal before." I love it when stuff
like this happens. Good is good and appeals all over, just like Bitch
and the Roogle."

Whether you believe this story or not, the labels themselves are reason enough to buy this wine.  Designed by Morning Breath, Luchador has an eye-catching off set print quality that is reminiscent of Hatch Show Print posters and the illustration work of Love and Rockets
comic books.  There are four unique labels that make this shiraz feel
more like a collectors item than an everyday table wine.  To top it
off, the case itself is an exciting collage of vintage fighting posters
and graphic type.