Bewley's Tea Line




Beautiful new packaging from London based Jones Knowles Ritchie:

"As a famous yet traditional Irish brand they wanted to
reinvigorate themselves so we updated their identity and created a
contemporary graphic language for them and their packaging. With
Bewley's enjoying such a rich heritage, we were able to re-engage the
brand through design by expressing all the things that make it special.
On a corporate level, this involved creating a word mark which
developed and embellished the brands Edwardian routes. To this we added
the flexible "swirls" of pattern, which reference the original cafes
famous stained glass windows (designed by Harry Clarke, and now
considered "priceless"). This gave us the tools for an identity which
could develop in many directions across different product ranges, of
which specialty tea, which uses the pattern as a window into the
product, is just one."