Studio Spotlight: Narrow House

Narrow House, a Spanish design firm, was kind enough to send in some of their beautiful, and award winning work, as well as a little insight behind each design:


"We created the name and branding for a new chain of low budget hotels."


"A range of ice cream. We deliberately avoided the typical product shot and instead focused on the ingredients of each ice cream, creating illustrative swirls to represent each flavour."


These wine bottles actually began life as an interior design project. The owners of the restaurant approached us to see if we could do something to spice up the decoration of their restaurant thinking that we would create some murals or wall hangings. In Narrow House we try very hard to surprise our clients so we decided that instead of the doing the usual we would decorate their restaurant with hundreds of wine bottles. For this project we designed 25 different illustrative wine labels. The client thought it was great and the idea went ahead. Very soon their customers began asking to sample the wine so the owners decided that they would use the labels for their house wine."

3 more designs after the jump!


"There are hundreds of producers of olive oil in Spain, and so Olivas Clavero needed a total re-brand of their product range in order to stand out amidst the crowd. An elegant and contemporary design solution that reflects the quality and modern attitude of this small yet dynamic producer of the finest olive oil."


"Recently won Platinum award in the Fashion and Beauty category in the 38th edition of the Creativity Awards. Also winner of the 13th edition of Anuaria (Spanish graphic design awards) for best overall packaging."


"Design for PL´s range of pre packed pork products."

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