Project 7 - Updated Post


New packaging for series of products designed and sent in by our friends at 29 Agency for Project 7.

"Project 7, a consumer goods company passionate about social change and dedicated
to addressing the seven most critical areas of need in the world today, as
determined by Project 7 - Build the Future, Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Help
those in Need, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, and Save the Planet. Project 7 was developed on a cold fall night 2 years ago when the thought of the
7 deadly sins came up. I began to do some research on the history and origin
and had a simple thought. What if man in his selfishness instead of focusing on
abstaining from the 7 sins worked to help those that were a consequence of one
of these 7? The company’s goal is to bring to market everyday products - the first of which
is bottled water - that consumers can easily purchase in order to effect change
across the seven areas of critical need."

Project 7 utilizes more than 50% of its profit to create a pseudo-foundation. After purchasing a product, the consumer is provided the ability to vote for an organization that serves one of the seven objectives. In its package design, Project 7 and 29 Agency have created an essentially transparent and interactive way for the consumer to consider itself a stakeholder in the company at large.


UPDATE: See more pictures after the jump, and hear what Tyler Merrick of 29 Agency has to say about the design of the brand, and the social & environmental responsibility of the packaging.

Tyler Merrick, 29 Agency - "Creating a brand for a company that promotes both consumer goods and social awareness is a challenge. Both aspects are equally important and must be represented. In order to create the revolutionary Project 7 brand, 29 Agency found inspiration in the harsh reality of the seven issues Project 7 is striving to solve. Through the use of instantly recognizable symbols and a custom handmade font, 29 built a look that instantly draws attention to these causes, and carried the design through a variety of marketing initiatives (packaging, website, video, etc.). Each one uses consistent imagery and content that supports the main goal of Project 7 - to promote awareness of and find solutions to the seven most critical areas of need in the world. In other words, to "Change the Score."

Because Project 7 strives to be a socially responsible company, 29 Agency sought ways to keep that integrity throughout all of the materials used for packaging. The water bottles are made from 100% recyclable PET and labels printed with water-based inks. The gum wraps

are made from 40% post consumer recycled material.  Instead of traditional trays, Project 7 water is shipped in cases also made from recycled material. This allows the company to ship the same amount of water in four trucks that traditionally takes five –  cutting energy and material consumption by an average of over 25%.

Finally, to address the paradox of selling plastic bottles to promote environmental stewardship, Project 7 created a line of clothing made from 50% RPET (recycled PET) and 50% organic cotton. On average, five PET bottles are recycled and woven into each designer tee, and each

shirt is branded with artwork created by 29 Agency, and printed with eco-friendly inks."






Daily Candy: “The twelve-piece pack’s wrapping is healthy, too, made with 40 percent recyclable material and soy inks and produced on U.S. soil to cut exporting waste and support domestic production. Even more of a turn-on is the fact that Project 7 donates half of its profits to organizations designated to each flavor: Fresh mint supports earth-friendly initiatives, peppermint vanilla backs hunger-busting groups, and mango mint helps house the homeless.”