Billy Jealousy


Billy Jealousy is a men's hair and skincare brand with a bit of attitude. The approach is simple, clean and decidedly masculine. A small dragon icon gives the spare look a bit of flourish and personality. I think what may be the ultimate strength of this brand is the name. The word 'jealousy' makes you kind of wonder what that's about and it sure helps the name stick in your mind. The fragrance/variety names also aid in kicking in some personality in a very spare graphical system.

Like other premium male grooming brands like the successful Anthony range, a careful approach to design is critical to appeal to the target audience. Not only do men buy these products for themselves, but women are also part of the picture in that they may buy products like these for the men in their lives. In that sense, it's more difficult to brand a beauty range for men than women. If it's too 'pretty' it would seem 'unmasculine'; if it's too harsh or plain, it would feel uninspiring and flat.


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