Havanna 60 Years



New work from Buenos Aires based SURe:

Havanna's sixtieth birthday and to celebrate it they are releasing a
special 60 anniversary package. The design refers to the beginnings of
the prestigious brand through its typography, backgrounds, logos and
it's traditional crown symbol. This special package came out in November and the retail stores were given a special exhibit booth and a
commemorative gift bag.

was a highly motivating job because we had to do a very extensive
research and fully put ourselves in the style of those years." said
Diego Giaccone, General Creative Director of SURe. He later added:
"they are unique styles, in which the typography had a flat volume and
were placed in an ascendant orientation, the ornaments are an
irreplaceable classic trademark. It was also a very challenging job for
the production department because each package has 3 levels."


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