Francis Ford Coppola's "Encyclopedia" Packaging


Very cool post from our friends at NOTCOT today on Francis Ford Coppola's new "Encyclopedia" wine packaging:

"But seriously, lets talk packaging. Who knew making the “largest

screwcap in all the land” could be so beautiful? As soon as i pulled

the bottles out today i was already scheming ideas for what i could do

with the gorgeous carafes… so, giant screwcap + awesome carafe bottle

shape, it feels like an Erlenmeyer flask meets decanter… just enough

glass details to keep it interesting (from the ridges to the text

around the base… and that really sweet chemical structure of

reservatrol, the antioxidant found in the skin of grapes)… not to

mention the branding of using stamps with the countries the wines come

from instead of labels! Oh, and then there’s also the inspiring quotes

on the lids of each bottle that can’t not bring a smile to anyone’s

face when they are about to open it! And to top that, they sent over a

few customized Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia

customized moleskines! And they go beyond the usual cover art ~ they

actually stickerize the inside cover with the stamp/labels from each

region as well as stamp quotes and more randomly throughout!"


Marc Schwarzberg Artistic Director/Concept

Gundolf Pfotenhauer Design Director

Francis Coppola In House Design Team

Be sure to read the full article over at NOTCOT.