McDonald's New Packaging


Over the next two years, McDonald’s will roll out its newly designed packaging to nearly 14,000 of its restaurants in the US, and then to another 117 countries worldwide. Birmingham UK based design studio Boxer Creative was commissioned by McDonald's to undertake this massive makeover. According to Boxer, the goal was to "change the way the world feels about eating McDonald's food":

"The new design engages in an honest conversation about the quality of McDonald's food. We have created a global packaging design system that embraces a consistent framework but alows for customization to create local market relevance. Its bold and simple design celebrates all that's good about McDonald's, shilst reassuring consumers about the origins of the food they are about to eat."

See photos of the rest of the packaging, as well as a history of previous designs after the jump. What do you think? Are you lovin' it? Sorry I had to...