As a change from food and beauty, I wanted to show these cute, simple labels and bags for Tatico. Tatico's branding, packaging and Web site designed by Creable Studio, who graciously emailed me with high-res photos to replace the original screengrabs I used in this post.

Tatico is a line of 100% organic cotton tees for babies. More info and another photo after the jump.

From Tatico's Web site:

tatico is the baby brain-child of Tatiana Redin, a graphic designer living in Los Angeles.

The character tatico had been appearing as a doodle in Tatiana’s
sketchbooks for many years as a companion and a friend expressing her
life experiences. Yet over time this piggy-tailed little girl evolved
and flourished into her own persona...

tatico became a dandelion-blowing, wish-making little girl whose philosophy of life is "simple happy".

Her icon: a triple infinity loop representing... the state of innocence and "always being a child..."

Her first message tee line is inspired by this philosophy.