Le Tourment Vert


Beautiful new work shared with us by our friends at Turner Duckworth:

"This authentic absinthe was created by Vinet Ege distillery in France for limited distribution. Our design was inspired by the swirling, cloudy patterns that form when absinthe is mixed with water.

Absinthe has a controversial history and its effects have been the subject of heated debate. It has long been a source of inspiration for artists, but its potency is not to be taken lightly ("Le Tourment Vert" means literally "The Green Curse".) The images that appear in the swirls express this almost mystical quality. The bottle shape was inspired by the water carafes found in cafes throughout France. The secondary labels that carry legally required information were deliberately "un-designed" to adapt to differing regulatory requirements governing the sale of absinthe around the world and can be easily removed."

Creative Directors: David Turner and Bruce Duckworth
Designer Director: Sarah Moffat
Designer: Rebecca Williams, Britt Hull
Illustration: John Geary and Christopher Garvey

One more photo of the bottle after the jump.