Jurlique unfolds



I saw this packaging posted on Notcot.org, and just had to share it. Australian cosmetic brand Jurlique has released its Biodynamic Beauty Serum in a box made from a single sheet, using no adhesive. The box is created through a series of origami folds and is held together with a single tab. Once the tab is released, the box unfurls revealing the product and interior graphics. Not only is it a stunning presentation and user experience, but it also doubles the message space for the product. Truly inspiring.

The design on the bottle itself is also striking, as is the rest of the range. Sydney-based Landini Associates was tasked with creating a brand
experience... from branding to retail design, and the results are
stellar. If you get a chance, you should check out pix of their retail environments as well. The whole brand experience is seamless.

Can it get any better? Yes, indeed. The company itself takes carbon footprint reduction and organic products very seriously. They have implemented Biodynamic agriculture which is considered  "beyond organic" because of it's closed system of sustainable practices.

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(Photos via Notcot.com)




Beth Nori