Before & After: First Check Home Drug Tests







What a difference! Great job CBX:

"CBX, a New York-based strategic brand consultancy, was brought in to create a branded family look across the entire line. “The home drug test market is so new that most people don’t know that these products can be purchased at the local pharmacy,” says Gregg Lipman, managing partner, CBX. Research revealed that although First Check was primarily marketed to parents attempting to curb or prevent their children’s drug use, a large segment of buyers were using it to self test and monitor themselves prior to mandated drug tests.

The redesign of the brand focused on communicating the over 99% accuracy of the test and the proprietary consumer-friendly cup design. The CBX design team had the unique opportunity to define the look for this new category and created a brand architecture that projects a confident image across the line. A rich blue background color for the outer box enhances shelf presence. A bold new logo incorporates a check mark within the letter “k” and forms a lock-up with the “lab accurate” descriptor while the custom typeface communicates confidence. The new, enlarged cup image highlights the ease-of-use of the product as well as its proprietary technology. Each of the six versions of the test from marijuana to cocaine to prescription drugs is color-coded to complete the family look of the brand and make it easy for consumers to shop the category."