1800 Tequila Essential Artists Bottles


Earlier this year 1800® Tequila
launched a campaign featuring nine cutting-edge artists. Each piece of
artwork is featured on 1800® limited edition tequila bottles, all of
which can be purchased.

Each artists' style is unique, representing various designs, mediums
and perspectives. The nine artists featured in this limited edition
production are: Dosa Kim (Atlanta, GA), Glenn Barr (Detroit, MI),
Artillery (Chicago, IL), Chris Dean (Detroit, MI), Jorge Alderete
(Mexico City, ME), Josh Ellingson (San Francisco, CA), Hannah Stouffer
(San Francisco, CA), Jeremy Bacharach (Chicago, IL).

The bottles are great collectibles - whether you decide to drink the contents or not!

Check out the rest of the bottles in the collection...

(via reubenmiller)