Before & After: Lionshead Beer





The Lion Brewery, one of the oldest remaining breweries in Pennsylvania, tapped Little Big Brands to overhaul their signature Lionshead brand. Lionshead, a popular East Coast college beer received a complete packaging makeover with authentic graphics, tongue-in-cheek neck labels and “paw holes” on the six-pack. Higher quality materials were sourced, while considering environmental impacts. The smaller labels, which use 40 percent less paper than previous labels, and unbleached kraft stock for baskets and cartons.

“Lionshead was just good fun to work on. It’s a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously and lends itself to creative thinking,” said John Nunziato, creative director, Little Big Brands.

"This redesign was about lightheartedly peeling back layers and viewing them through a youthful lens with an eye to bringing back the heritage, quality and quirkiness that the brewery has represented for more than 100 years," said Ron Hammond, CEO, Lion Brewery. "We're excited to introduce our new, improved brand to the world, and to continue restoring the brewery to its former glory."