Jurlique Holiday


Not long after posting about Jurlique's innovative dieline, I received an email from Acosta Design in NYC. They were recently tasked with creating sustainable packaging for Jurlique's holiday gift sets. The challenge was to maintain the brand essence, while standing out in retail and adding color to a product that is mostly white. I just had to share the beautiful results. Here's how Mauricio Acosta describes the project:

Our involvement with Jurlique started when we were approached by Jo 
Ann Stabile (Creative Director and Brand Strategist for Jurlique).   
Our task was to design a holiday gift package that would complement 
Jurlique's biodynamic agricultural methods, new packaging, and a 
design that would stand out against other holiday gift sets.

Our goal with the design was to create a “painting” effect using 
photographs and textures of each Jurlique ingredient. The result was 
a collection of designs unique to each gift set and symbolic of the 
biodynamic process used to create each Jurlique product.

What makes this a sustainable package is printing process used.  We 
worked with one of the leading sustainable printing companies in the 
USA to insure that all the right sustainable processes were met.  All 
printing was done using sustainable printing practices under ISO 
14001:2004 certification, FSC and SFI Chain-of-Custody certified 
papers, Soya (vegetable oil) based-inks and 100% renewable wind power. 
The results were a sleeve and carton made out of 100% recycled fibers 
and 100% recyclable.


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