Bossa Nova

EDIT/UPDATE: I have just been informed that this is not the latest design. I still like it a great deal, but hopefully will get a chance to post about the new and updated design shortly!


These drinks are, of course, a bit reminiscent of Pom, but I actually like the energy of this design better. (Don't get me wrong, I love Pom too!)

There's something very modern and appealing about the color palette and the typography, as well as the artwork in the center near the bottom. Is that perchance an açai berry bursting with energy and antioxidants? Hmm...

The bottles could probably stand to lose at least one message -- maybe the one at the top -- to give the other communication more impact, but overall I quite like them.

From the Bossa Nova website:

Our açai berries grow wild, high in the palms of the Brazilian rainforest, packed with more antioxidants than any other fruit on Earth. We lightly sweeten them with agave to create this delicious juice. What’s more, every bottle you buy saves another rainforest tree. You save the tree’s life, the tree returns the favor. Nice.

Design by Sandstrom Partners in Portland, Oregon, with neckband artwork by Catalana Estrada.