USB (Port) Wine


New packaging from 6 West Design:

The premise behind this design stemmed from the recent TTB/Cola regulatory changes, protecting Portugal's geographic indication which inhibits any winery who was not "grandfathered" in before this law was passed, from using the term "Port" on their packaging. Our client (Peltier Station Winery) was eager to find a clever way to play off the word "Port" without actually using the word itself. That's how "USB" was born. The imagery screenprinted on the front label shows an old vine built out of binary code that translates as "Peltier Station", and has roots that form the recognized USB computer symbol. The back label leaves it to the viewer to fill in the letters "port" in underlined slots (i.e. im____ant for "important") The back label took three months of TTB/Cola deliberation before they finally approved it - not without telling our Client they had never encountered someone going so far out of their way to prove a point.

Image of the back after the jump.