New Product Line Packaging: Blum Naturals


Blum (pronounced bloom) is a new skin care line from Jean Pierre Cosmetics.  The line is launching this week in the US.  I caught up with founder Albert Savdie at Expo East.

I was immediately drawn to the graphic design of the product's packaging.  Believe me with 2100 product manufacturers at the Expo the packaging had to be good to catch my eye.

The bright well used colors and a clear packaging design layout make Blum Naturals standout on the shelf.  The main color of the bag on the final packaging is a very faint khaki color - which works well with the bright colors of each product.

Savdie said the packaging was designed by Isabel Carrizales a student at the Pratt Institute as part of a design competition the company held with the school.

“It was very hard to choose between the top two designers – but we did at the end and everyone was happy,” said Savdie.

We've seen the bag style packaging become much more popular here in the US.  As many may know it uses significantly less plastic than the hard plastic tubs these types of products were almost always packaged in.

Sustainable is Good