good grief...


Liberace would be proud of this luxury limited edition hand made champagne coolers, ahem, certainly for an 'aquired' taste...

"Moët & Chandon prepares to welcome 2009 with an amazing surprise : a new creation signed by talented French designer Camille Toupet. Midnight Gold is an Imperial Crude Moët & Chandon provided with a luxury and limited edition case.

The Moët & Chandon Midnight Gold case is a case designed specifically to chill bottles of Moët & Chandon and is made of lambskin covered with gold and decorated with hand-sewn swarovski crystals and gilded pearls, which draws it inspiration from Champagne bubbles.

The matching gold bubble stopper gives it the touch of elegance required and the “neck tie”, signature of Moët & Chandon bottles, can be removed from the case and doubles as glamorous swarovski and pearls bracelet."

bronwen edwards