Eye Candy


Eye Candy is a company that makes an unusual experimental product using cutting edge Sensory Substitution
to transmit vivid emotive images into your mind's eye. Lollipop-like sensor embedded objects (that look like lollipops) are put in the mouth to elicit specific responses or moods in a person. It's a sort of therapy.

What's I found really notable about the product is the packaging. Clever use of of a transparent printed overlay/sleeve allows new meaning to be conveyed as the sleeve is moved across the package.


Packaging was designed jointly by Joe Malia and The Play Coalition. The graphics, branding and packaging concept was developed by Joe Malia, while Dane Whitehurst and Neil Usher designed the construction of the box itself.

In Joe's words: "The look and feel that I targeted sat somewhere
between a 1950s Candy Shop and modern electronic printed circuit
boards. The moire effect came about through research into optical
illusions and enabled us to create the hide/reveal effect on the
branding that can be seen in the final product."

Additional images and a videos showing the box action follow.

Video in action

The project page on The Play Coalition's website has a good time-lapse video.