Sanyo Eneloop


Eneloop is a new line of
smart rechargeable batteries from GE Sanyo.   

The batteries come from Sanyo Japan and have been popular overseas.
Several minor changes were made to the product's packaging and design
for the US market according to Sanyo USA's Stacy Rupert. 

The name "eneloop" came from Sanyo's Japanese HQ and stands for
"energy in a loop".  Both the batteries and their PET plastic packaging are recyclable. 

Eneloop's graphic design for the batteries is sleek and elegant.  The
batteries are a metallic pearl white and are capped with silver making
an impressive presentation.  

Packaging is
minimal and well designed for sleek slim shelf appeal.   "Both the
battery and packaging were designed by our Japan HQ for the 2 pack, 4
pack, 8 pack as well as the Compact Charger & 4 position charger,"
said Rupert.

"We did do some in house modifications to it as well for
the US market."  The modifications to the packaging include the
addition of the orange band on the top of the packages which clearly
explains eneloop is a rechargeable battery.  Eneloop's inner packaging is also functional serving as a handy slim battery storage container.

Several of the packages where designed exclusively for the US
market.  "Our Power Pack design and USB charger packaging designs were
done completely in house by our own graphic designer in our office,"
Rupert said.

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