Studio Spotlight - Elmwood

Elmwood is a UK and Australian-based branding and design firm with some astonishingly effective branding/packaging design work in their portfolio. I think their website also very effectively communicates the advantages of working with them through intuitive navigation, big, beautiful images and most importantly - sales numbers to back up the effectiveness of their work in the real world (something potential clients want to hear most of all.)

Here are several examples of their work, which are bold, beautiful and sometimes humorous!


(several more images after the jump>)


(the snacks above are so funny - I'd love to see packaging like this in the US)


The Buster brand packaging seems simple, but I like how they've combined a heavy-duty packaging shape (think automotive or power cleanser packaging) with a whimsical and lighthearted visual language. Also note the drain clear products are in black bottles - more heavy-duty cleaning power implied here. You get the feeling the stuff will work.

In-DepthYael Miller