Global Package Gallery

Earlier this afternoon I was doing some online research for an up-coming post I am writing, when I came across this site:


The Global Package Gallery (GPG) is an online image bank gathering photos of product packaging from countries across the globe into one place. My immediate reaction was: WOW! What a wonderful resource for graphic designers! This site pools together images from Shelf Impact! and Packaging World magazines as well as multiple international packaging magazines. As you can see in the screen shot, you can navigate through the entries based on industry and each industry is then broken down into category galleries. Packaging designers and design firms can even sign up to upload their own work. Does this sound good to be true?

It just might be. GPG is relatively young site, according to this article in Shelf Impact! (appearing to have been started in late 2007). Due to it's youth certain categories like Food and Personal Care are well supported, while categories like Automotive, Office Supplies and Sporting Goods lack even a conclusive overview. Full access to the content of this site does not come without a price, either. An annual membership to this site, which allows access to the individual entries and hi-resolution image downloads will cost $395.

As a Packaging Designer would you consider signing up for this service? Would you urge your employer to purchase an annual subscription for you or your team? Would you become a contributor?