The Proof is in the Process

Coming from a traditional branding background I am no stranger to endless rounds of thumbnails and concept sketches one goes through before getting to the final stages of development. But is this in fact what legitimizes the end result? 

As a recruiter, I am seeing more and more of my clients asking for creative talent that can think, problem solve, and have proof of their process to back it up...The creative process is really about getting from point A to B, and on that path many things can happen... There is of course the stripping down to the bare beauty of a product or identity, or even still perhaps a little magic happens and we discover things we didn't know before...Regardless it is the process of greatness that leads us there. And with fierce competition and innovative work happening at lighting speed, creatives need to display more than pretty packaging. So dust off your sketch-books, scanners get-ready.. Let's take it old school and show them what your made of!!!

(thanks to AG and Kaitlin Herrmann for the sketches)

In-DepthDanielle Bravaco